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External Wall with
100% Locally Owned & Operated in the Manawatu
The Install Process

Prepare the holes

Small holes are drilled in specific places to fill all available wall cavities.

Insulating the Walls

With specialist equipment and install team the insulation is blown into your walls.

Filling the holes

We then prepare and fill the holes to ensure weathertightness.

Finishing touches

We repaint and retouch the areas affected.

Feel the difference and enjoy

Blown Wall Solution

CosyWall Insulation is an external wall insulation system designed to insulate the walls of older homes. It provides thermal and acoustical insulation to existing wall cavities and is installed without the cost and hassle of removing the internal linings.

Installation is done via small holes through the external cladding, or from inside via holes in the internal linings. The result is high installed R-values and a warm cosy home.


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Preparing the walls with blowinsulation.
Filing the walls with
Sealing the walls with
Paiting the walls with
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All wall types with
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